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2018 Election Candidate Applications Deadline Has Been Extended - Follow These Instructions

Mustangs, good news, the 2018 Election Candidate Applications deadline has been extended to 15 July 2018.  We know everyone is busy and after reviewing schedules, the Executive committee voted to extend the deadline allowing you additional time to reach out to the current officers and directors if you'd like to discuss the opportunity to serve the members of our elite association before submitting your package for consideration.  See below for more details.

Greetings Mustangs:

This is the year to elect new leadership of the Mustang Association.  We will hold elections for President, Secretary, Treasurer and five (5) Directors.  Mustangs currently holding these positions have done so for three (3) and one-half years.  It is now time that a new regime step-up and “Continue to March” toward keeping the Mustang Association moving forward.

Follow the candidate application process below for this years election is outlined below:

  1. * A candidate must be a member in good standing; dues being current.
  2. * A candidate must be cognizant of the position description and willing to adhere (position descriptions are outlined in the Bylaws and continuity folders are available).
  3. * All candidates must submit a 125-word (or less) statement to the position they seek including information on the candidate’s willingness to serve.  This statement must be accompanied by a recent photo and e-mailed or postal mailed no later than July 15th, 2018.
  4. Ballots for this election will be available to members via the MESTENGO and the MCMA website 30 days prior to the election.  The ballot will consist of one page listing the open positions for election and the names of the candidates for each position.  Mailing instructions will be included with the ballot.  The ballot may also contain voting for approval of actions the Board of Directors and amendments to the Bylaws, whenever appropriate.
  5. The elections will take place at the Membership Meeting.  The Secretary will announce the election results.  The installation of the newly elected Officers and Directors will be held at the Muster Banquet.
* - REQUIRED of all Candidates

An invitation is extended to interested candidates to attend the next Board of Directors’ meeting (via conference call) to be held 
July 14th, 2018 for the purpose for the purpose of gaining an understanding of the format and conduct of Board of Directors’ meetings.  Additionally, candidates may request a copy of the continuity folder for each position.  Send your request to the Secretary at my e-mail address below indicating which position you are interested in.

The term of office for the majority of current Officers and Directors will come to an end this year.  It is time for a new regimen, new leadership!!  I am seeking members to step up and lead us into the future.  This is your Mustang Association, your interest should motivate you to serve in a leadership position.

Th Ballot to be used for the Elections is in work and will be posted in future correspondence via the Summer Mestengo, the MCMA website, and MCMA email so be on the lookout.

I need a Few Good Mustangs to serve in these capacities.  It is not “rocket science” and will require some time and thought, and does require a commitment to keep the Mustang Association alive and moving forward. 

Semper Fidelis!

Ernest Johnson, President


P.S.  Listed below are the current Officers and Directors of the Association. They are willing to answer any questions you may have about their roles and responsibilities and what would be involved you in taking over their position in the MCMA.  Please reach out to them if interested.

President  - Ernest Johnson / (804) 241-4939 
Vice President  - Joseph Featherston / (703) 599-7748 
Treasurer – John Darracott / (360) 331-6160 
Secretary – Tim Cook / (817) 800-3575
Director – Mark Blaydes / (520) 723-0347
Director - Ron Cookson / (215) 219-2179
Director - Daniel McGee / (843) 388-8829
Director – Richard Sullivan / (978) 373-7003 
Director – Herb Smith / (918) 342- 3105 
Director – Mark Blaydes / (520) 723-0347